Marcus Forsberg

Simple, fast and clean websites.
No nonsense, just modern web.

Hi, my name is Marcus Forsberg.

I'm a web developer and designer from Åland, Finland.
I study media and communications and love to create websites.
When I'm not busy with a new idea, you'll find me at my girlfriend's with a cup of Starbucks in my hand.Contact me
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Things I've made

A preview of the website - The Official Åland website is the offical website of the Åland Islands, maintained by The Government of Åland. I was responsible for the design and technical development of the website, which is fully responsive and powered by WordPress.

A preview of the app Wilma

Wilma for Ålands Gymnasium

As a hobby project I've created an Android version of StarSoft Oy's web service Wilma, which is used by the students and teachers at Ålands Gymnasium to access timetables, messages, grades, etc.

A preview of the website

Peter Bergström Design

Peter Bergström needed a new, simple website for his one-man business. I built a minimalistic portfolio website with support for HDPI screens so that Peter's illustrations always look great. The website shines on modern smartphones.

Developed for: Desktop, tablets, mobile
Developed using: WordPress, Bootstrap

A preview of the website

Sx2 Productions

The small Åland based film production company Sx2 Productions was my first client as a freelance web designer. The company's simple website is built using WordPress, with focus on the films.

What my clients say

  • “Marcus showed that he is a skilled WordPress developer who stays up to date on the latest web standards.”
    - Ida Ericson, The Government of Åland
  • “Marcus quickly and safely delivered exactly what was needed, and with a great amount of personalised service.”
    - Peter Bergström, PBD

Are you in need of a website or app?

In that case, I'd love to hear from you.
Write me an email and tell me about your thoughts and ideas!
I'm available for planning, structuring, design and technical development of apps and websites.
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